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Advice for expatriates

Expatriate Advising. Our team provides full support to the HR department to optimize their expatriation processes.

The professionals in Lawyers & Accountants have a long experience in advising expatriates, and we offer our help to all those Spanish workers who leave for work reasons outside our borders and must take up residence in a foreign country, as well as foreign workers who are going to take up residence in Spain.

Due to the internalisation of companies, the transfer of workers from one country to another is becoming increasingly common.

When a worker has to move to another country, it is essential to have the legal information of the areas involved: employment law, tax advisor, migration and social security sectors. Our specialist consultants in expatriations will offer you all the needed information.

Because a good planification is key to the displacement of workers, and to comply with the legality both in the country of origin and the country of destination.

In Landac we offer a complete advice to expatriates in employment, tax, social security and immigration terms.


We are specialised in workers expatriations.

Expatriate specialisation: What is it and when do you consider a worker an expatriate worker?

Business internationalisation has led to an increase of expatriations of workers in companies, with the aim of promoting the expansion of its business and have a control over the investments made in a foreign country.

Expatriates are workers who are transferred to a foreign country to carry out their work activity, leaving their personal, family and professional relations in their country of origin.

And with the aim of guarantying the best conditions to the expatriates in their new country, in Lawyers & Accountants we offer professional advice to expatriates through our professional experts in the international sector.

We offer services to expatriates to ensure that their transfer is completely satisfactory, and so that they carry it out with complete peace of mind.


Why is it important for expatriate workers to receive international advice?

There are more companies that decide to send some of their workers abroad and it is difficult to comply with intercommunity regulations. The worker must receive a correct advisement throughout the whole process of their transfer, from the moment they leave their country until their return or repatriation.

Most of multinational companies have a lack of knowledge or do not have a department specialised in expatriations, so it is recommendable the subcontracting of a consultancy specialised in tax protection policies of the expatriate; design and development of remuneration policies, tax calculations and fiscal estimates, to determine the tax costs generated by the expatriation; net salary of the expatriate, comprehensive advice on relocation and travel management.


Legal advisory service to expatriated and inpatriates

At Lawyers and Accountants we offer a complete legal a advice to expatriates and inpatriates:

  • Application for residence and work permits for
  • employees from outside the community.
  • Application for a transnational work and residence permit.
  • Procedures for registration in the central register of EU foreigners.
  • Application for residence authorisation for family members.
  • Obtaining a tax identification number (NIF).
  • Affiliation to the Social Security.
  • Renewal of authorisations.
  • Census registration.
  • Application for Spanish nationality for residence to Directors.
  • Advice and training in international HR management & Interculturality.

We offer advice to expatriates before their departure, for which we will make an analysis of domestic regulations, double taxation conventions and the legality of the country of destination.

We also offer assistance during expatriation, taking care of the important procedures such as the fiscal registry in the country of destination and de-registry in the country of origin, or the presentation of fiscal declarations.

Furthermore, we offer legal representation before tax authorities, and in case it was necessary, the application of the expatriate tax regime, offering help and advice in all the procedures related with this application.

If because of work reasons you are forced to move abroad to perform your activity, in Lawyer & Accountants we offer you the advice to expatriates that you need. Contact us without commitment and make an appointment.