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Employment Law in Madrid and Payroll services

We are the solution that the employment area of your business needs. Employment law issues. Payroll.

Employment advisor in Madrid

The labour management is a key element in your company, and in Lawyers & Accountants, we put at your disposal our services of labour consultancy in Madrid to offer the best solution that allows you to give your business that leap in quality and that you have been looking for so long.

We put at your disposal a labour advisor in Madrid with extensive experience in everything related with labour area in companies, perfectly capable for advising you and help you to find the strategy most efficient for your company.

We worry about your business and we take care of all the labour management in a safe and efficient way, saving you time and money, as well as guaranteeing the fulfillment of all relevant regulations.

We are the employment advicers and labour management for companies you were looking for.


What is an employment Lawyer and why do I need one?

If you have a company with employees in your care, you do need an employment consultant. Why? Because an employment consultant will be in charge of all the management related with the labour area of your company, guaranteeing the fulfillment of all the regulations and bureaucratic tasks, avoiding sanctions for committing any errors, conflicts with your workers and allowing you to save a great deal of money, as well as time.

Do you still believe that you do not need an employment lawyer in Madrid?

Beyond sending you the payroll of your employees, our global labour consultancy will inform you of all grants and bonuses that you can enjoy, being aware of the changing regulations in order not to miss anything. What does this mean? It is an important economic saving.

A labour advisor will also advise you about the most beneficial contracts for your company, with the aim of offering you the maximum possible benefits.

In the end, he will be perfectly informed and will be aware of all the cases related with contracts and payrolls, making you forget of all of this procedures with the guarantee that you will always enjoy the best option, and so that you are able to focus in your own business.


Services of our employment consultancy in Madrid

  • Initial registration of companies.
  • Openings of work centres.
  • Personnel administration processes.
  • Advice on drafting up contracts.
  • Assistance with labour inspections.
  • Social Security affiliations.
  • Labour conciliations in the SMAC
  • Preparation of Occupational Risk Prevention plans.
  • Settlement of social security.
  • Labour audits.
  • Specialists in ERTEs and ERES.
  • Reception and study of incidents.
  • Procedures for retirement and disability benefits.
  • Procedures for sick leave.
  • Payroll Services

What does a good employment advisor do for your company?

A good employment advisor offers personalised advice in the labour legislation area, such as the hiring of workers, payroll, the procedure of social insurance, subsidies and bonuses, etc.

He will adapt to your company’s needs and will offer you solutions to enjoy a good labour management, avoiding conflicts with your workers and with the administrations. Paying special attention to dismissals because a worker’s exit must be as good as his entry.

In the end, he will make sure that you can keep the labour management of your company up to date and in the most efficient way, being the best solution when you do not have a specific department in your company which is in charge of the labour area.


Advantages of leaving the labour management to Lawyers & Accountants

We offer you labour advice in Madrid at three different levels:


  • Calculation and settlement of payroll receipts.
  • Extraordinary payments.
  • Bonus and preparation of Social Security contribution bulletins.
  • RLC and RNT models for the company’s staff.
  • Processing of registration, cancellation and affiliation to the General Treasury of the Social Security.
  • Processing of reports of illness and accidents at work with the National Institute of Social Security and the Mutua Insurance Company for Accidents at Work.
  • Study, preparation, processing and formalization of employment contracts with the Public Employment Service.
  • Everything related to dismissals.


  • Quarterly and annual declaration of withholdings and payments on account of income from Work and Professional Activities (Models 111 and 190)
  • Treatment of invoices from professionals whose fees have been subject to withholding for their incorporation in the Tax Returns.


  • Personnel cost report
  • Monthly reports indicating the company’s labour costs (total cost of personnel, wages, salaries, social security, etc.)


We are the solution that the Human Resource of your business needs. Forget about worries, we will do it for you.