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Off the shelf company | Ready made companies

Need a company urgently? What is the sale of urgent companies? What benefits does it have? We explain to you the process

What is an Off-the-Shelf company?

Do you want to start operating legally, quickly, and simply in Spain? Are you assessing the possibility of starting a new business? Do you need a partnership urgently? If so, in Lawyers & Accountants we can and we will help you in the buying and sale of companies on an urgent basis.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know about the acquisition of companies so that you know perfectly in what does this process consist, what do you need and what ventages will this give you.

In Lawyers & Accountants, we are specialized in the sale Off-the-Shelf companies in Madrid, and we have companies ready to acquire and operate today, either limited companies, public limited companies, which are already in lists for its transmission on an urgent basis.


What is it an urgent company?

The Off-the-Shelf company can be a limited company or a public limited company, which has been built for its transmission in the future.

Are also known as ready-made societies or sleeping societies, because these are societies that have had no activity. Although there can be a difference between them, usually they are very similar to each other.

Usually, Off the Shelf company has remained inactive, is free of any kind of debt and can be quickly transmitted by a notary and in a public deed.

With regards to the formalization of documents in the presence of a notary, the first deed will bee the deed of sale of one hundred percent of the company’s shares, the sale of this shares will be at the nominal value of the company since as there is no activity, the value of the company’s shares remains stable, The deed of sale of company shares does not require registration in the register.

Secondly, the deed of loss of a single personality (if there are multiple buyers) or change of a unique partner (if the buyer is just one individual or legal entity) will be granted. This deed does require registration.

Furthermore, the buyer will be able to make any changes they deem appropriate (with relation to the administrative body, corporate statutes, etc.). In this case the corresponding deed of elevation to a public deed of partnership agreement would be granted, which also requires registration.

Finally, a statement about the new real owner will be formalised, which does not require registration in the Commercial Registry.

Once the sale of shares has been executed, the company will be operational on the same day, since it is the purchase of an S.L. or S.A. that has already been set up, it has its own definite CIF, is registered with Tax Office and is recorded in the Commercial Register.


Off-the-Shelf Companies
Off-the-Shelf Companies Ready Made in Spain


How to buy a company off the shelf? Process of acquiring an already established limited or joint-stock company

  1. Selection of the Company

The first step to buy an already established society for sale is to choose the company to be acquired. You have several options, and we can advise you in the process.

  1. Signature at notary

Once chosen, the next step will be to meet to make the pertinent changes at a notary, in order to solve any doubt and avoid inconveniences.

  1. The company will already be in your name

After signing at notary, the company will already be in your name and ready to operate and invoice.

As you can see, the process of selling an already established company is fast and simple, and from Lawyers & Accountants we put ourselves at your disposal to make the buy of an already established company easier, guaranteeing in the buying of companies the following:

100% legality.

Notorial guarantee.

Commercial register.

Without contributing share capital (the contribution was already made when the company was set up).

Company 100% inactive and free of charges.


What are the Benefits of Buying an Off The Shelf Company?


When buying an already established limited company, you have the company at your immediate disposal after the notarial signature.


With the purchase of limited established companies, you will be able to adapt the status of the company to your needs, with total freedom.


Since the contributions were already made when the company was incorporated, when buying an already incorporated company it is not necessary to provide share capital.


When you buy an already established company you have the company’s bank account at your disposal since day one, without having to wait for the validation of the deed and the bank account itself.

If you are thinking of buying an already established company, contact Lawyers & Accountants. We put at your disposal our experience in the sale of urgent companies and we adapt to your needs or concrete situation.

For any more questions on off the shelf companies and how they represent an excellent business decision, Our people contact.