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ICT and Telecommunications

Information and communication technology. (ICT) Experts in information and communication technology law.

Due to the impact and importance of new technologies over business world, in Lawyers & Accountants we count with a big team of digital lawyers specialised in Internet and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The lack of knowledge of the rules and standards in this sector has provoked the appearance of conflicts in the digital world and multiple doubts, because of this from Landac we offer juridic advice in Internet law, as well as in Information and Communication Technologies law.

What is technology law?

Technology law, also known as digital law, internet law and ICT law, refers to the legality related to the use of Internet and new technologies, and is very important for those companies that has an online presence.

Technology law is the set of legal rules that regulate everything related with Internet and ICTs, in the last years it has been consolidated as a new legal speciality, since the arrival of Internet and the rise of new technologies, it was totally inexistent.


Specialised lawyers in digital, Internet and ICT law

In Landac we answered all your doubts related with Internet Law and technology law, and we offer you a complete advice related with civil and/or commercial contacting, general terms, building up companies, procedural matters and any other legal aspect that might generate some doubts.

We contact lawyers specialised in Internet and digital law, that in the last years had become in a key part of all companies. Internet and new technologies had modified all areas and until today, for companies, it is indispensable to have advice in Internet and ICT law, to solve any doubt and guarantee legality in the procedures.

Knowing that there is no global solutions for all business, in Lawyers & Accountants we offer personalised advice in digital law with the aim of offering solutions tailored to the needs of each company in the Internet and ICT sector.

Digital law advice: Internet and new technologies.

Internet consulting: websites, online sales and information societies

  • Review and adaptation of web pages to current regulations to ensure compliance with the law.
  • Legal advice on online marketing.
  • Drafting of personalised contracts with the general terms and conditions of contract necessary to comply with the regulations in force. We prevent and avoid serious infringements, fines or penalties.
  • Advice on recruitment.
  • Legal advice in Big Data.
  • Drafting of technology contracts.
  • cLegal notices.
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Privacy policy.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Marketplace contract.
  • Advertising contract (banners, sponsored content and affiliation).
  • Commercial contracts.
  • Web designer and community manager contracts.


Marketing online, social networks and social media

  • Legal advice in HR. We inform and assist in everything related to the management, creation and elimination of profiles, mechanisms for reporting impersonation, competitions, draws and promotions, and any other aspect related to social networks.
  • Online marketing campaigns.
  • Email Marketing and List Broking.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Behavioural marketing.
  • Keyword advertising.
  • Social marketing and social media compliance.
  • Community management.
  • Video advertising.
  • Mobile and apps.
  • E-mobile.
  • M-commerce.
  • T&C.
  • Contract and licenses.


Advice for promotions and competitions on the Internet

  • Conducting contests, promotions and events on the Internet.
  • Drafting of terms and conditions of participation.
  • Drafting of clauses for the assignment of images rights.
  • Gambling & Betting (online game).


Advice for telecommunications

  • Application for Administrative Authorisations to provide telecommunications services.
  • Drafting of appeals to the Administration in defence of the rights and interests of customers
  • Advice and defence in the field of consumer protection (consumption).
  • Application for Numbering Resources.
  • Advice on the interconnection of communication networks.
  • Preparation of business plans for the deployment of communications service infrastructure, as well as the management of public and private aid.
  • Management of fees, fines and sanctions.
  • Negotiation of contractual conditions with suppliers and service providers.
  • Negotiation with local councils to obtain authorisations, subsidies, public contracts, etc.
  • Drawing up contracts for users (general and specific conditions for the provision of services)
  • Advice on tendering processes.
  • New generation networks (NGN).
  • Wireless networks (WIFI, WIMAX).
  • Mobile telephony (4G networks).
  • IP telephony -Skype, viber, instant messaging or WhatsApp.
  • Cloud Computing.


Advice on personal data protection

  • Review and verification of processes, activities and services (L.O.P.D. audit)
  • Updating of existing files and communication (registration) of files required by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  • Revision and/or drafting of the customised and fully personalised security document describing and detailing the technical and organisational measures required to comply with Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, which approved the Regulations implementing the L.O.P.D.
  • Processing of claims and sanctions.
  • Drafting of information clauses to obtain the consent of those affected.
  • Authorisation for transfers and orders for processing (subcontracting) of personal data.
  • Legal defence in proceedings for the protection of rights and sanctioning procedures of the competent Spanish Data Protection Agency (administrative route), and defence in contentious administrative proceedings before the National Court and the Supreme Court.
  • Drafting of contracts or agreements for the transfer of data and analysis and evaluation of standard agreements used to transfer personal data to other entities.
  • Review of model contracts for collaboration and service provision, with external companies that have access to client data.
  • Drafting of contracts for the processing of data by third parties (data processor contracts), which are compulsory by law, with the specifications and describing the security measures required for the processing of data.
  • Drafting of data exchange clauses – with reciprocal obligations whereby data is transferred and received. Including the drafting of legal texts for sending EMAILINGS that allow compliance with current regulations.
  • Drafting of contracts for the transfer of data and drafting of privacy notices for the collection of data through (forms, SMS, or any other means used by the client).
  • Preparation for compliance with the provisions laid down in the new European Data Protection Regulation.


If you have a company or business in Internet, you have any doubt related with the legality or simply you want to guarantee the compliance of the normative, contact the team of experts in digital law specialised in Internet and ICT of Lawyers & Accountants without commitment and receive the advice you may need.