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Economic and financial analysis

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A)

Economic study-financial study of companies

In Lawyers and Accountants, we carry out economic and financial studies to help with planification, development or restructuration or selling of companies. Through our financial advisors in Madrid specialised and with experienced.

With the economic study of a company, we welp you to make the best decisions according to your needs and the situation of each company, providing you with the key and indispensable information to make the right decision.

If you need a financial study of a company, in Landac you have nine different services to the financial study and planification to choose the one that fits better to your needs. Discover them and contact us.


Study and financial planification of companies, choose the service that best suits your needs.


In Lawyers & Accountants we put at your disposal 9 different services, that will adapt to your company situation and needs.


1- Company valuation

The company valuation consists of an analysis in which the performance of a company is examined, paying special attention to finance, sales, human resources.

We use techniques to figure out the real value of a company that will provide useful information to:

  • Know the position of a company in the market with respect to the competition.
  • Detect the weak and strength points.
  • Identify threats and opportunities.
  • Purchase and sale of companies.
  • Reorganise among shareholders.
  • Compare the value of shares.
  • Strategic decision-making in the company.
  • Arbitration and bankrupt proceedings


2- Restration of companies

Restructuring a company consists of a change procedure through which a company transforms and adapts to a new business model, with the objective of being competitive in the market, improving its functioning and increasing its productivity.

Sometimes the restructuration of companies is the unique solution to survive a crisis.

Depending on the changes that affects a company, we will hep you to carry out the restructuration in the most adequate way:

  • Corporate restructuring
  • Financial restructuring
  • Organisational restructuring


3- Development of business plans

Do you need investors? Do you want to request a grant for your company? Do you just want to make an auto analysis of your business? If that is so, you need a good business plan.

The business plans are used to analyse a business idea, giving useful and reliable data which will be useful to know the state of your project:

  • Identify, describe and focus the business idea on a detail way.
  • Examine the technical, commercial and financial viability of a company.
  • Help to plan the strategies, pointing out the steps and the resources to be used.


4- Processing of subsidies

In Lawyers & Accountants we offer you a complete advising to procedures and subsidies in Madrid, offering you all the needed information to access the aid and subsidies from the Community of Madrid that your company needs and has full rights over them.


5- Assistance in obtaining funding

We put at your disposal our accounting and financial advisors in Madrid to help you obtain funding to your start-up or a new creation company.

Knowing the difficulties of start-ups and new creation companies to obtain funding, in Landac we will analyse the different funding options and we will look for the one that fits better with the needs of your project.

We will take care of collecting all the necessary information and all the formalities to finance your business.


6- Budgetary Control

We will help you to carry a good budgetary control of your company, key to maintain the balance between expenses and income, and to ensure that the accounts are healthy.

With the budgetary control you will make sure you stay on budget established, and from Landac we will look for the most suitable measures to do so.

The budgetary control is fundamental to every kind of companies, regardless the phase in which they are.


7- Company liquidation

If you are thinking of dissolving and liquidating a company, in Landac we will advice and help you in the company liquidation, giving you the information needed and facing all procedures to paralyse the activity.

Liquidating a company is much more complicated than it seems, in Lawyers & Accountants we put at your disposal our professionals specialised in dissolution and liquidation of companies, that will help and accompany in each of the phases prior the definitive closure of a company.


8- Negotiation of  payments with suppliers and pre-competition of creditors

Our experts in the financial area will offer you advice about negotiation with suppliers and pre-competition of creditors, helping you to manage the payments in the most adequate way and that best suits the needs, always controlling the company’s finances.


9- Family Business Planning

With the aim of having everything tied up, we offer advice to the family business planning, helping you to define a strategic plan that collect the main objectives of the company with continuous monitoring, the actions, joint commitments, etc.

The family business planning will allow us to prognosticate the future in the most adequate way, taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Succession plan.
  • Property or estate plan.
  • Continuity plan.
  • Family participation plan.
  • Family management and protocol plan.


At Landac we offer you the financial solution that your company needs.


In Lawyers and Accountants we adapt ourselves to your organisation and we offer you the financial solution that your company needs, choosing the best service depending on your company’s situation.

We will carry out an economic study of your company and we will look for the best solutions. Contact us without commitment and leave your company in the hands of our financial experts.

Please contact our customer advisors either by telephone on (+34) 91 564 32 94 , or directly