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Internationalization of start-ups and SMEs

What must an entrepreneur assume when starting a business? Entrepreneurs advice, start business advice.

The expert’s team in the international area in Lawyer & Accountants will offer advice and information that will be helpful to choose the best option to implement to a foreign company in Spain. We will take care of all the corresponding procedures for the start up of the company in Spain and the development of its activity.

What is business internationalisation?

Business internationalisation is the process through which a company can reach the international market and set up in a country different from the original one.

In a market that is more competitive each day, business internationalisation is key to manage the strategy of a company abroad and penetrating new markets.

In short, with internationalisation a company will be able to develop their activity abroad, abandoning its comfort area and being more competitive in the market.

Why internationalise a company?

Business internationalisation implies some benefits but also risks, which must be evaluated before confronting the process of internationalisation.

Advantages od business internationalisation

  • Increasement in the company’s turnover:

Business internationalisations allow to increase the turnover, because when they enter other markets it is possible to increase the costumer base, and in turn, sales.

  • Diversifying risks:

With business internationalisation a company can diversify risks since it will not only depend on just one market.

  • Increasing the life cycle of a product:

When entering new markets, the life cycle of a product might be increased, introducing it in less saturated markets or that advanced slowly.

  • New business opportunities:

One of the main advantages of business internationalisations is that it allows to find new business opportunities, reaching markets where the product or the service that is offered has not been yet placed.

  • Cost reduction:

With the entrance in new markets the demand will increase, as well as production, which will allow to reduce unit costs to create a product.

  • Better image and increased prestige:

In addition, business internalisation will improve the image of the brand and will increase its prestige, since being in new countries its corporative image will improve in all those countries in which it is present.


Risks of business internationalisation

  • Complicated process:

There are several advantages, but to internationalise a company is a complicated, long and tedious process.

  • Lack of knowledge:

When a company is going to set up in a new country, it is fundamental to do a complete study of the market that allows to know the way of working of that country, legal procedures, taxes, etc.

  • Increased workload:

To be present in new markets will mean that the company will have to face a new increased workload daily, for which it should be ready.

  • Cultural and language differences:

When internationalising a company, the cultural and language differences that may exit between the country of origin and the country where the company is going to land must be considered.

How will Lawyers and Accountants help to internationalise your company?

Business internationalisation is a complicated process in which there are different commercial, fiscal and work aspect to consider since each country has its own legislation.

The team of international advisors of Lawyers & Accountants will help you internationalise your company and set it up in Spain:

  • We will make it easier for star-ups and SMEs to find financing for their products.
  • We identify and evaluate different financing options.
  • Acquisition financing.
  • Financing of expansion projects.
  • We offer support and accompaniment in the management and internationalisation of technology-based start-ups and SMEs.
  • We draw up personalised business plans.
  • We offer advice in setting up companies.
  • We mediate and assist in agreements between partners.


If you are interested in setting up a foreign company in Spain and you do not know how to do it or have doubts, contact Lawyers & Accountants without commitment. We will take care of all the procedures and we will offer you the advice that you need to set up a foreign company in Spain.

Contact us today – to discuss how we can help your business grow: or (+34) 91 564 32 94