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Integrated management of investment funds

Specialist in the management and administration of funds and investment companies.

Integrated management of Investment Funds

From Lawyers & Accountants, we put at your disposal a service of integrated management of Investment Funds, through which we will help you before the creation of the society until it is on the move, accompanying you in the daily accounting and tax operations so that you are always well supported

We are leaders in Investment Funds management, having on our shoulders a large team of professionals specialized in everything related to the management and administration of investment funds and societies, which we put at your disposal to help you with the definition and execution of the investment policy.

Get complete and personalized advice about the construction, management and development of the preparation of Investment Fund taxes.


We are the specialized consultancy in Investment Funds in Madrid that you need.

Our management society of Investment Funds could help you in everything related with the establishment of companies and corporate structures, offering you accounting and tax advice of the society so that you have everything secure, avoiding problems, guaranteeing the fulfillment of all your obligations and looking for the solutions to enjoy of the maximum possible saving.

We will be in charge of obtaining the NIE or NIF when the partners and/or administrative staff do not live in Spain, and of the deeds of incorporation and the company’s Commercial Register.

Furthermore, you will be able to forget about everything related to the tax settlement because we will take care of it: quarterly declarations of VAT and Income Tax, Corporate Tax, claims and writings to the Tax Office, etc.


Real estate investment funds

We also count on a large team of specialized professionals and with experience in the real estate investment funds, advising and helping you with the management of the real estate investment fund, with the aim of making you able to obtain the maximum profitability after its acquirement.

We put at your disposal a specialist in the development of Due Diligence reports in Madrid, getting in addition to fax and accounting personalized advice.

We offer you direct support in everything related to the deposit contracts and the review of deeds of sale, in addition to accompanying you to the notarial signature to declare any doubt and help you with any issue


What values and advantages do a real estate Due Diligence gives to the investor? What is it for?

Through a real estate Due Diligence, the possible contingencies and risks of an asset are studied, which is basic to obtain the maximum profitability as possible after its acquisition and to obtain bigger guarantees.

When performing Due Diligence, the following things are analyzed:

  • The existence of an agreement between the description of the property in the Land Register and reality.
  • Cadastral ownership.
  • Possible charges and encumbrances on the property in the Land Registry.
  • Guarantee that the property is free of occupation.
  • The total cost of the transaction.
  • Agreements with the Community of Owners.
  • Restrictions in the Statutes of the Community of Property Owners that may affect the value of the property.
  • Ensuring that there are no urban planning infringements or sanctioning procedures.
  • Contingencies of the administrative or special rights.


The advantages of making a Due Diligence for real estate investment companies:

Legal security in the transaction.

Economic saving.

Prevent possible administrative sanctions or lawsuits in the future.

Security of not losing money in advance.

Tax surcharges and penalties are avoided.

Possible contingencies or risks that affect the property to be acquired are detected.


We are leaders in the integrated management of Investment Funds!

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