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Commercial Lawyers. Business Law.

If you are engaged in a venture or enterprise where you are providing goods or services to consumers, it is important that you follow the applicable laws and regulations that govern your type of business. Corporate and Commercial Law

Commercial consultancy in Madrid

Lawyers & Accountants is a commercial advice in Madrid that will help you in the building of commercial entities, management of any company, drafting of contracts and un everything related to corporate law.

With a great experience in the sector, we count with a wide team of commercial advisors in Madrid with a long history.


What is a commercial advisor in Madrid and how can they help you?

A commercial advisor is a specialised professional in commercial law or business law, that offers the specialised advice to companies in everything related to this area.

A commercial advice has experts in business law, that stablished relations between companies or traders, and the business moves.

If you look for a commercial advisor in Madrid, in Lawyers and Accountants we will advice you and look for the best solutions o any conflict that might derive from business activity, both in commercial and legal fields.


What are the functions of a consultancy commercial?

The main function of a commercial consultancy is advice and attend any company in everything related to commercial or mercantile law.


Creation of companies

The commercial advisor is the key in the creation of companies, guaranteeing that all the bureaucratic procedures that must be done to create a company are carried out correctly.


Management of the company’s shares and shareholders

The commercial consultancy will manage the shares and shareholders of the company depending on if it is a limited company, that divides its capital in shares, or an anonymous company, where the capital is greater, and it is given by the different shareholders.


Advice in the legal field

They will oversee all the commercial and mercantile relations, as well as of the possible juridic consequences that might derived from these relations. Their main objective is to avoid legal proceedings.


Mediation in out-of-court proceedings

The commercial advisor will try to get to out-of-court settlements acting as mediation between both parts, with the aim of avoiding trial.


Investment advice

They will advice and counsel employers in their investments and financing options, trying to look for the best options.


Capital increases

They will be at the service of the company whenever it wants to extend its share capital through the subscription of new shares or an increase in nominal value of existing shares.


Development of commercial studies

The commercial advisor is qualified to carry out commercial studies to ensure compliance with the Commercial Law Act.


Dissolution and liquidation of companies

If a company is going to be dissolved, the adviser will manage all procedures to comply with the corresponding obligations with the administration and suppliers.


Services of our commercial consultancy in Madrid

In Lawyer & Accountants we will offer you the best advice in everything related with commercial and mercantile law, regardless the phase in which your company is. If you are looking for a commercial consultancy in Madrid, contact us.

Services you will enjoy in our commercial consultancy:

  • Urgent incorporation and sale of companies.
  • Planning of company structures.
  • Modification and dissolution of companies.
  • Keeping of minutes books.
  • Drafting of contracts.
  • Credit recovery and legal claims for amounts.
  • Constitution of legal corporate website.
  • Temporary corporate and fiscal domiciliation od companies.


If you do not have a commercial adviser, contact with the team of commercial advisors in Lawyers & Accountants without commitment. We will attend your needs and will contact someone to help you.