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Gener Equality plans for companies

Gender equality plans at the workplace. Plans for ensuring gender equality in Spanish companies.

Advice on the preparation, implementation and registration of Gener Equality Plans (GEP)

Company equality plan


At Lawyers & Accountants we take charge of drawing up the company’s equality plan and we help you to implement it, so as to guarantee equality between men and women within your company and favour a suitable working environment.


Do you know what a company equality plan is and what it is for?


An equality plan consists of a series of measures aimed at guaranteeing equality between men and women within a company, eliminating all those barriers that until now have made equality between workers of both sexes difficult, limited or impossible.

In this way, gender equality plans (GEP), as their name suggests, serve to ensure that there is equality between workers, regardless of sex, within a working environment.

Company equality plans were originally defined in Organic Law 3/2007 and were later updated by the Government through Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, where new obligations appear to be fulfilled in company equality plans.


Which companies are obliged to draw up an equality plan?


With the entry into force of the new Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, all companies with more than 50 employees are obliged to implement a gender equality plan, without exceptions.

Decree-Law 6/2019 establishes maximum periods for the implementation of gender equality plans in companies:

  • Companies with between 150 and 200 workers: maximum 7 March 2020.
  • Companies with between 100 and 150 workers: maximum 7 March 2021.
  • Companies with between 50 and 100 workers: maximum 7 March 2022.


What should a good company equality plan contain?

In their preparation, equality plans in companies should contain the following points:

Selection and recruitment process.

  • Professional classification.
  • Professional promotion.
  • Working conditions, including remuneration criteria between men and women.
  • Co-responsible exercise of personal, family and working life rights.
  • Under-representation of women.
  • Labour inspection in the fight against the wage gap.
  • Prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment.


Who should participate in the creation of the equality plan?


In order to guarantee correct implementation, all the agents involved in the company must actively participate in drawing up the equality plans:

  • Company managers.
  • Workers’ representatives.
  • Permanent equality commission.
  • Technical work teams.
  • Internal and external experts.
  • Company workers.
  • Government, Autonomous Communities, trade unions and employers’ associations.


Register of equality plans


The registration of companies’ equality plans must be carried out at the Registry of Collective Agreements and Contracts, complying with the indications of the General Directorate of Labour of the Ministry of Labour.


In Lawyers & Accountants we help you to elaborate on the Gender Equality Plan


If your company has more than 50 employees and you have not yet implemented a gender equality plan, at Lawyers & Accountants we are at your disposal to prepare and implement the equality plan.

An equality plan will allow you to comply with the law, but in case your company has less than 50 employees, it is also advisable to carry out a company equality plan, as this way you will show that you are a company committed to gender equality.

Contact Lawyers & Accountants and we will create a gender equality plan that fits the needs of your business. or (+34) 91 564 32 94