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Legal/ Juridical area

Legal advisors, we are the help you company needs. A legal consultant offers any relevant legal advice to their clients and ensures that their clients are in keeping with the law.

Legal Consultancy in Madrid

In Lawyers and Accountants, we count with a team of lawyers and professionals with a wide experience in the different areas of Law. We know the business reality and the connection between the different areas which allows us to offer you the best solution:

  • Incorporation and sells of urgent companies.
  • Compliance Officer. Services of the Supervisory Body.
  • Corporate structure planning.
  • Modification and dissolution of companies
  • Keeping the minutes books.
  • Drafting of contracts.
  • Temporary corporate and fiscal domiciliation of companies.
  • Negotiations with costumers and/or suppliers.
  • Drafting and/or review of contracts for the provision of services.
  • Advise for the elaboration, implementation and registration of Equality Plans
  • Elaboration and implementation of Criminal Compliance

Is there a client who does not pay you? Do you have doubt about the Data Protection Law? Have you committed any infraction without realizing it? Do you have any lawsuit pending? Our legal consultancy in Madrid will help you, they will clear everything up to you and it will offer you the assistance you may need, with the guarantee of fulfilling everything legally.

The legal and juridical consultancy of Lawyers & Accountants will always defend your company’s interests, offering you assistance in case of a trial, sanction or any other conflict.

Our legal services will defend your company’s interests


What is a legal advisor?

A legal advisor is a professional specialised in legality who will accessorize your company in legal matters, informing you constantly and searching for the best solutions to legal problems, guaranteeing you in any moment the fulfillment of the different regulations.

In the end, a legal advisor will ensure that your company follows the law, keeping you informed about the new regulations and changes that may appear, and offering you legal assistance in case of a lawsuit, always defending your interests.

What are the functions of a good legal advisor?

A good legal advisor not only knows the existing laws, but also help you with the fulfillment of these in your company, avoiding possible conflicts that may end as important sanctions or lawsuits.

In our legal consultancy in Madrid, we have the obligation of being perfectly inform in legal matters, which requires of knowledge and constant dedication to be always up to date.

We advise you and propose the best solutions to fulfill the current regulations in every moment.


How to be able to be up to date with the current legislation?

When you do not have any knowledge about legal matters, a legal counseling is the only way to be up to date with the current legislation, because the egal advisors are lawyers specialised in offering companies legal advice, who are characterized by being always perfectly inform and actualize their knowledge constantly in legal matters.

We put at your disposal a complete team of expert lawyers and advisors in company’s legislation, who will follow you in your company’s day to day to guarantee the fulfillment of every current regulations.


Our legal advice services

In Lawyers & Accountants we have a large team of lawyers in Madrid specialised and with a great experience in the legal area, who offer your company the following services:

  • Legal advice in the following areas: immigration, civil, commercial, procedural, administrative, labor, community law, telecommunications, new technologies, intellectual and industrial property, data protection and electronic commercial law, copyright, trademarks and patents, etc.
  • Legal assistance through the court: we act both in the ordinary jurisdiction (civil and criminal) and in Contentious-Administrative.
  • Negotiation with clients and/or suppliers.
  • Drafting and/or reviewing contracts for the provision of services
  • Requirements of payments to debtors.
  • Legal claims of amounts.
  • Drafting of documents in defense of the rights and interests of clients, including the drafting of administrative appeals.

Leave all your legal questions in hands of our legal consultancy in Madrid Lawyers & Accountants and forget of all the concerns. You have guaranteed the fulfillment of all the relevant regulations. or (+34) 91 564 32 94 

Our lawyers in Madrid offer the legal advice your company may need.