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Apostille Requirements

Legislation and apostille under the Hague convention 1961. Document authentication services

Legalization and apostille under the Hague convention 1961. What is an apostille?

For a public document issued abroad to have legal validity in Spain, it must be legalized or apostilled under the Hague convention 1961, and the same happens with the public Spanish documents abroad. On the contrary, the document will not be valid.

The legalization consists of the notarial act by which a signature is given validity, verifying that the signature is authentic, as well as the quality in which the authority signing the same document acts.

On their part, the apostille under the Hauge convection 1961, consists of the administrative act by which notarial documents or those issued by civil servants or public bodies are given validity.

This process of legalization or apostille of documents is quite complicated and it requires specialists who are able to carry out all the corresponding procedures. So if you need to legalize documents in Madrid and you do not know where to go, in Lawyers & Accountants we are specialized in the legalization of foreign documents in Spain and we put ourselves at your disposal to legalize documents of all type, guaranteeing full validity.

Specialized in the legalization of foreign documents in Spain

In Lawyers & Accountants, we are perfectly capable of authenticating all kinds of documents in Spain, independently if they are documents to be used abroad or foreign documents to be used in our country.

Specialized in all kind of legalizations and apostilles, we carry out all the relevant procedures of legalization of authentic documents, as well as of authentic copies issued by the public administration authorities that have issued them.

We also carry out the legalization of authenticity testimonies by exhibition issued by a notary, giving them validity in whichever country it will be used.

Legalisation of documents of all kind:

  • Legalization and apostille of official documents to be presented in foreign countries that have signed or not signed the Hague Convention of 1961.
  • Public deeds.
  • Private contracts.
  • Court orders.
  • Commercial, notarial and health certificates.
  • Certificates of compliance with GMP.
  • Importer and manufacturer authorizations.

If you need to legalize documents in Madrid, contact Lawyers & Accountants.


How is the legalization of a document carry out?

Nowadays the different States sign agreements to facilitate legalizations, highlighting the agreement signed on 5 October 1961, better known as the Hague Apostille Convention.

This Hague Convention is valid in 115 countries, simplifying the procedures of legalization of documents by the printing of a steal or stamp.

In general, it is necessary to legalize or apostille public original documents, the authentic copies issued by the public administration authorities that have issued them, as well as the testimonies or acts of authenticity by exhibition made by a notary.

The legalization and apostille of foreign documents in Spain is carried out by the department of Legalizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid, while the Spanish documents that have to be legalized for their use abroad, could be legalized in the embassies or Spanish consulates. Being done the legalization, the document will be valid to use it abroad.

Although it is true that the legalization procedures have been simplified, in some cases the legalization might be complicated, therefore in Lawyers & Accountants, we put ourselves at your disposal to help you with the legalization of documents in Madrid, either Spanish or foreign.


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